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100% Stonewashed French Linen




100% Stonewashed French Linen Flat Sheet - Chalk / California King

Dimensions: 112″ × 110″

Dimensions: 118″ × 106″

Dimensions: 100″ × 106″

Dimensions: 94″ × 106″

Dimensions: 112″ × 110″

Dimensions: 118″ × 106″

Dimensions: 100″ × 106″

Dimensions: 94″ × 106″

For those who just can’t go without their flat sheet. Fulfilling that final need left out of our “Modern Set”, feel free to select your favorite ala carte flat sheet color that best fits your style.
Flat sheet best matches our Bully Collection French Linen Sets.

Weight 3 lbs
Shipping 14.9 × 11.5 × 3 in


Max temperature should be set to WARM, though COLD is recommended. Though a NORMAL wash setting is fine, we recommend setting the cycle to PERMANENT PRESS. Spin speed should be set to MEDIUM or LOW.


If washing your entire bed sheet set, we advise drying the pillow cases and sheets SEPARATE from the duvet cover. Not only will it improve efficiency in drying times, but also ensures your duvet cover doesn’t attempt to literally eat the other sheets.


Due to how breathable Wooflinen fabrics are, we recommend your keep your dryer temperature set to LOW to MEDIUM. Even at this temperature, your sheets will dry just as quick.

First Wash

Like a high thread count Egyptian Cotton, French Linen is a material that gets better with each wash. So why not expedite the process the bit? After first wash, the material will need to de-lint quite a bit. We recommend separating the sheets from the duvet and running on MEDIUM heat in the dryer. You will need to empty the lint tray a few times over the course of the drying cycle. Repeat with the duvet cover. Once everything is dry, place entire set back in the washing machine and do a COLD rinse cycle at MEDIUM spin speed. Separate again, and dry both loads on MEDIUM heat, once again emptying the lint tray a couple times during the drying cycle. Now your French Linen sheets are ready for first use!

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If return is approved, we will send you a shipping label to return your order.

What is the Thread Count?
While customers in the US have based their purchasing of sheets entirely on thread count, this rule doesn’t hold up. At all. Especially when factoring linen bed sheeting, which uses GSM instead of TC or thread count. GSM is a metric measure of the fabric, showcasing grams per square meter.

For our 100% French Linen, Wooflinen thread count can range between approximately 80 to 200. Linen threads are much thicker than cotton threads.

Are the Fabrics Oeko-Tex® Certified
Product pages will list the certification for each fabric. But, in short, yes.

Can French Linen Be Ironed?
NO. Do not iron your French Linen bed sheets. Wooflinen 100% French Linen is also stonewashed, allowing the material to have a natural, slight wrinkly, texture.

What if I Want to Change My Order?
Since we work to expedite shipping, contact us ASAP and reference your Order #.

How Do I Track My Order?
A tracking order should be sent within 24 hours of placing your order. If you do not receive a tracking code, or our tracking page shows no update on your order, contact us.


Maximum breathability. The King of Luxury.


Wooflinen’s 100% French Linen is both heavy… and lightweight! Doesn’t make sense? We know! But that’s the only way to describe them.

Unbelievably breathable, French Linen gets only better with every wash..

Stonewashing provides the most wonderful texture and wrinkle.


Never experience the “oven effect.”

Stay cool in warm weather and warm in cool.

Highest rated breathability perfect for the still sleeper or most violent thrasher.


Antibacterial and Hypo-Allergenic.

Eco-friendly fabric comes from the flax plant, which requires very little water to grow.

Not only can the material be recycled, but it takes very little energy to process the plant.

With its ability to keep microbes at bay, French Linen ensures better sleep, better skin, better health and better laundry.