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What is French or Belgian Linen?
Unlike Brushed Cotton or Egyptian Cotton, fabrics that US customers are more familiar with thanks in part to their durability, French Linen is the top choice for comfort worldwide. Using Linen from both France and Belgium, we can personally attest to how comfortable these sheets are. The fabric, created from a natural fiber from the stalk of a flax plant, has a number of advantages. Besides comfort, Linen is the choice fabric for high-humidity areas, is hypo-allergenic, and insanely breathable. It’s also very environmental friendly. Not only is flax plant a renewable resource, but it requires very little water to grow.
Where is the Thread Count?
While customers in the US have based their purchasing of sheets entirely on thread count, this rule doesn’t hold up. At all. Especially when factoring linen sheeting, which uses GSM instead of TC or thread count. GSM is a metric measure of the fabric, showcasing grams per square meter. Still stuck on thread count? Fine. Average linen fabric thread count can range between approximately 80 to 200. Linen threads are thicker than cotton threads.
Are the Fabrics Oeko-Tex® Certified
Product pages will list the certification for each fabric. But, YES, all our bedding is Oeko-Tex® Certified.
100% Bamboo Viscose
Environmentally friendly and incredibly renewable, our Bamboo yarn is sourced from Asia. The resulting viscose is woven into a sateen weave with a 300 thread count (TC).
Product Care
When it comes to how to best wash and dry your Wooflinen bedding, it comes down to three rules: Wash NORMAL or PERMANENT PRESS on COLD to MEDIUM heat. MEDIUM max spin speed. Separate duvet and sheets to dry. Dry on MEDIUM max heat. So maybe that’s four rules. For complete instructions on product care, go to our Washing Guide.


How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?
Contact us by email while referencing your order #.
No ironing? What about wrinkes?
Your selection of material is a representation of the look you want. Linen bedding will always have a slight “wrinkled” look. It’s a great look, so please keep the iron in the closet. Bamboo on the other hand will smooth out naturally. You can pull wrinkled bamboo sheets that have been left overnight in the dryer, place them on the bed, and a few hours later they will have released most of the wrinkles. Normal usage will further smooth the material. Again, no ironing needed. For all that’s sacred, DO NOT iron these sheets.
How Do I Track My Order?
Fulfillment depends on the source of the order. But, if you are not supplied a tracking code after your order ships, please contact us.
Bulk Orders?
Interested in a bulk order? Contact us to discuss.
Any washing instructions?
Simple. All bedding materials need to be…
Washed on Cold/Warm with Low/Medium Spin.
Dry on Low. Medium max temp when in a pinch.
What is the warranty?
We love our sheets, and pass our high expectations onto our customers. That being the case, we offer a no-risk 100 days after arrival of your purchase. Through typical usage, if your sheets were to ever rip or “fall apart”, we will work with you to swap out the damaged item with a replacement.

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Do You Accept Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin?
Not yet! But we’re working on it.
We currently accept Credit Card, Paypal and Amazon Pay.