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Treating Common Stains in Bamboo Bed Sheets

In regards to stains, Bamboo bed sheets are the softest Catch-22 you’ll ever experience. Case in point, would you believe that dyed/colored (dark) bamboo sheets can be more prone to staining than white sets? Crazy, we know! And, while most other fabrics discuss blood stains and sweat stains, Bamboo is so absorbent that it is prone to oil stains. Whether it’s natural oils off your skin, or oils in your moisturizers, Bamboo can pull these oils right back off your skin while you sleep.

Unfortunately these oils can be kind of tricky to pull back out. In the long run, they will pull back out, but we want them out in a single wash.

Quick Read – Clean Those Sheets

We recommend washing (and drying) your Bamboo sheet sets in warm or cool temperatures. Notice we never say hot? Well, in the case of dealing with a stain from body oil, lotion, or other skin-based beauty products, we are going to break our own rule and suggest selecting HOT for this one wash. While many recommend adding Dawn Dish Detergent to your load, it does work, we’ve had a lot more success by adding Zote Blanco Laundry Soap Flakes* to the load. But, when you do, you have to make sure to run this wash on HOT. Put the load to heavy, but limit the spin to MEDIUM. Lots of hot water, make sure we dissolve those flakes.

Once complete, tumble dry low to medium.

Removing Stains from Bamboo Sheets

If you already read our quick read above, that truly is the best way we have found to remove the most common stain, oil, prone to bamboo sheets. But, we can touch on a couple other approaches if you prefer to use other household products.

Vinegar: Mix one part Vinegar for every four parts of water. Soak stained areas with the mixture, and let sit for a few minutes. This approach handles a diverse number of stains. Wash as usual, but, unless the stain is a resilient oil, wash on cold to ensure you don’t end up setting the stain.

Dawn: Dawn Dish Detergent is a natural degreaser. While it is recommended to add the soap directly to your load, we add an extra step. Pre-wash the effected areas with a Dawn/water mix, and add another ¼ cup of dawn to your load and launder as usual. Unless you are sure the stain is an oil stain, we recommend washing on cold. Yes – You will want to add your normal laundry detergent to the load as well.

Hydrogen Peroxide: We only recommend hydrogen peroxide for blood stains. Quickly soak the stain in a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and immediately move the treated fabric to the washer. Make sure to use a soak setting and keep the water temperature set to cold. Wash with your favorite detergent.

Zote Blanco Laundry Soap Flakes: As mentioned in the quick read, these are great for oil and body stains. Just set your washer temp to hot. If the stain is extra resistant, you can also melt down the flakes with some water and rub directly into the stain to pre-treat. You want the fabric to experience a long soak in hot water, so be sure to set your wash to Heavy Duty, but keep your spin at Medium. With HE washers, we want to ensure the fabric gets a good soak.

Fun Fact: Dark Sheets are more prone to showing oil stains.

Through our market test, we discovered that White Bamboo sheets were more resistant to staining from oils. It’s crazy, we know. The white material responds better, while dyed fabrics show oil stains, and mineral stains, more readily. Something to consider if buying your sheets for rental properties, as we here at Wooflinen ran our product tests in a number of busy AirBnB rental properties and were surprised to discover that our Natural White Bamboo Sheet Sets held up better.

Wooflinen is not affiliated with Zote, and only recommend the brand from personal experience. The product can be found on Amazon or Home Depot.