Stone Washed Linen Color Variance and Movement

Never Flat

Besides comfort, one of the best things about 100% Flax Linen bedding is the movement of colors. While dyed Egyptian Cotton has a constant, aka flat, color, French and Belgian Linen provide something far more exciting. The effect is far more substantial when dealing with yarn-dyed workmanship, but even piece-dyed will provide far more color movement than both cotton and bamboo. Stone washing only exaggerates this effect even further.

Stone washing the material with volcanic rock not only softens the fabric, but exaggerates its distinctive appearance.

Take for instance the photo samples below. They were taken at the same time, from different angles of the same French Linen duvet cover. The sample color was “Sage”, though from some angles it takes on the look of grey.

Linen Variation #1
Linen Variance #2
Linen Variance #3

Variance is Luxurious

The movement of color across these sheets is just one factor that makes them so luxurious. Be ready to impress friends and family. If you needed another example of the variety of color to be found on a single sheet, take a look at the zoomed in section below.

Zoomed Linen