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Yes – It’s true! The first round of orders that we initially planned on taking was expected to be from a particular, popular crowdfunding service. We don’t want to say who, but it doesn’t exactly matter anyway. For that particular campaign, our plan was to offer INSANE DEALS in order to not only introduce consumers to our idea, but educate on the benefits of 100% Bamboo or 100% French Linen over environmentally-destructive cotton. It was a solid pitch. So solid in fact, that we decided to post the entirety of our campaign below.

Now, if you discovered this page through our marketing campaign and you just want to use the PROMO CODE we have secretly been promising on our social networks. Fine. You want to take additional savings off our current sale, resulting in over 30%+ off? Yeah, we would too. Here is the coupon:

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Still need convincing? Then break out your reading glasses out and check out our pitch…

Break Away from Egyptian Cotton

Sugar and Cocoa with The Woof Collection

After spending over a decade launching a number of small businesses, there was always one rule that rang true. After a long, hard day, nothing beats a good night’s sleep. Especially with the help of comfy bedding.

And who am I? Let me start over. I’m Ryan. I have spent the last 13 years of my life dedicated to creating websites that specialize on content typically based around film. There is no greater truth but to say that, without proper sleep, I would have lost my mind years ago. Self employed means long hours. To ensure the best sleep, I became obsessed with bedding. Sheets in particular. And guess what fabric I thought was best during all those years…

To most, the proper sheet for flawless sleep has been (real) Egyptian Cotton. I used to think the same way. What’s the threadcount? 4600? Not enough! Before I knew it I was lying under sheets that weighed more than me and took hours to dry. When did threadcount become so important? Does threadcount have any direct correlation to quality and comfort? Not exactly. So it’s time to break away from this misguided rule of thought.

Say Hello to 100% French Linen

French Linen Diagram
Stone Washed French Linen = The Royal Family of Sheets

During my search for both look and comfort, the first Egyptian alternative was French Linen. It looks and feels fantastic. This is the definition of luxury. But, there was a catch. The fabric is expensive. And, after only a few runs in a notoriously rough HE American drier, the sheet set began to fall apart.

Undeterred, though heartbroken, I set out to find a French Linen that can survive American driers – because, who likes hanging stuff outside – while also providing incredible look and comfort. All at a price that doesn’t make one faint.

I’m still embarrassed on how much I spent on my first set. But I digress…

French Linen Diagram #2

But, even with the factory direct pricing, French Linen may be considered by some as too luxury of product for the typical buyer. So I needed to also seek out another Egyptian Cotton alternative that features the same durability of both fabrics, while also providing a lower price point.

Say Hello to 100% Bamboo Viscose

Bamboo Diagram
Bamboo Viscose = Never Getting Out of Bed

Also from a renewable resource, aka friendly to the environment, Bamboo Viscose promises insane comfort. To best describe it: It feels like the lovechild of Silk and Egyptian Cotton.

Finding the right Bamboo yarn, however, was more of a process. With a material that is already so comfortable, it took a number of trials (and errors) to find what I can only compare to sleeping inside a cloud. But then came the second question. How to make dyed Bamboo Viscose feel just as good as the natural white?

Not only did we find a solution to this question, but are offering the material in two-tone colors. And what is that you ask? Ummm, more on that later.

Arriving to a finished prototype, I sent a sample over to a beta tester – cough, my sister, cough — who was currently sleeping on Egyptian Cotton. The text feedback was: “These sheets = never getting out of bed.”

To call them amazeballs would be an understatement. But, better yet, the sheets can also take a beating in the dryer and, considering this is 100% Viscose Bamboo, the value of the material is something we can all be comfortable with.

Bamboo Diagram


As you may have already noticed, the biggest differences between the Bamboo Viscose and French Linen are look, feel and, of course, price. But here’s where they are definitely similar:

  1. Soft: Comfort was mission critical. No matter what you choose, you will be comfortable.
  2. Breathable: Both fabrics are insanely breathable.
  3. Temperature Control: Thanks in part to the threads and resulting breathability, both sheets are fantastic for those who like both warm and cool sheets.
  4. Hypo-Yada Yada: Both fabrics are hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial.
  5. Washing only improves the product: Both materials soften and look more luxurious with each wash.
  6. 100% Premium Fabric: No stretchy “poly-blends” here. We make the sheets from the yarn up.
  7. Oeko-Tex Certified: Certification system ensures you can sleep soundly.
  8. Go Green: Both fabrics are highly renewable resources.
  9. Two-Tone Colors: Because why limit yourself to a single color?
Indiegogo Icon Thumbs

Two-Tone Colors?

I’ve mentioned this twice now, so time to explain exactly what this means.

When investing in sheets it sucks to feel like you are stuck with a single color. At least, that’s how I feel. So typically I go with something like Sage, of course, or the infamous “Griege”. When you can’t have multiple colors, you find one that looks like two. Even if the result is something closer to vomit.

Going outside the norm, the first collection of sheets from Wooflinen, which we aptly named The Bully Collection, features two-tone sheets. Each Modern Set features pillow cases and a duvet cover with two different contrasting, yet matching, colors. You can therefore change the looking of your bedding by just flipping the duvet and/or pillows. Make the sheets fit your mood or personality.

French Linen Indiegogo

Why Wooflinen?

If providing comfortable sheeting at affordable prices were my only mission, this would make for a boring pitch. Of course comfort and cost should be priority one, but Wooflinen stemmed from another idea completely.

Having spent my entire life owning rescue animals, whether it be dogs, cats or even rabbits, I’ve always had a goal in mind to one day find a way to support those who support these unlucky creatures. That being said, Wooflinen manufactures and carries other products that can’t be purchased. Those being items – such as towels, sheets and Shelter-specific dog beds – that are specific for dogs and other rescue animals in need.

Products such as these, as well as direct monetary funding, will be donated to select organizations, adoption networks and shelters that work to help these very animals.

This is where you go, ‘ahhhhhhhhhhh.’

Bamboo Peaches Indiegogo

Dogs and Me

Growing up I can’t even begin to count the number of animals that shared our household. Now that I think of it, sometimes my family’s er, stock of pets might not have been legal. Seven cats! Yes, that’s a lot.

We did everything from raise an abandoned set of kittens to bring in a lost chihuahua that looked like it only had months if not weeks left to leave. That dog ended up living another seven years, reaching an age that had me check on Guinness. Go figure.

This sort of animal-enriched upbringing carries over to who I am today. After moving out, it took a number of years before I finally felt capable of raising an animal on my own. Whether it was fate or luck, I was alerted to a puppy seeking adoption who was “special needs” because she was “insanely shy.” I ended up at the foster network and, wouldn’t you know it, I left with two dogs in tow. Two! It turns out my insanely shy puppy made a friend and they were classified as a “bonded pair.” No way I was breaking that up.

A happy story? Of course! Save for the fact that I was quickly evicted from the duplex I was renting, forcing me to find another housing option. Minor issue, easily overcome. I still have Sugar and Cocoa to this day. And, let’s not the third rescue, who came aboard some years later.

Nacho Sugar Cocoa

And my story is just one of thousands of stories that I would love to help create, with your help of course. Every purchase of Wooflinen sheets results in a donation to the same types of organizations that helped me find my canine babies years ago.

Let’s make this happen, and Wooflinen will continue to share stories of animals getting rescued by loving owners and families alike.


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Rewards / Coupon Code

And this is the area you likely have been waiting for. For Crowdfunding it was recommended to discount our offerings by at least 30%, with the ability to have our product ready to ship within 2 to 3 months.

As part of our brand launch, we can now do that… But who wants to wait for months? We can ship your order tomorrow. Crowdfunding prices, but NO crowdfunding waiting.