Donation Options

Giving Back

Money isn’t the only way animals in need can use our help. After speaking with a number of networks and rescue services, we’ve created a list of items that would be most helpful. In regards to shelters, nothing beats volunteering your time. Unfortunately it would be too difficult a system to forward along volunteers, but will work to link up volunteers with their local shelters.

In regards to what products are most needed or at least most useful, we’ve come up with the following list.




Towels & Blankets

Just because a dog finds itself at a shelter or rescue, that doesn’t mean it can’t be kept clean and comfortable. Besides washing, the towels have the added benefit of being used as bedding.


Collars & Leashes

The leashes typically available at shelters, and vets for that matter, are terrible. They aren’t durable, they don’t last, and they are cheap. Our goal is to provide leashes that are not only cost-effective, but can be used over and over again. And, just in case a new family leaves with one, it can be easily replaced.


Durable Beds

Shelters have made their preference of beds fairly obvious — Kuranda. We are working with manufacturers to create stand-up beds that are easy to clean, durable and can be transported with ease.


General Supplies

From hand sanitizer to cleaning supplies, we will work to get the general supplies that shelters and networks need to keep their dogs’ environments up to standard.