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Looking for a slip lead that not only looks awesome but is incredibly safe?

Meet the most luxurious collection of slip leashes that are made from the highest quality Mountain Climbing Grade Rope.

We pamper our fur babies, even when out for a quick stroll. Therefore when seeking a leash, we wanted something that was easy to use, recommended by dog trainers, insanely durable, safe at night, and absolutely stunning to look at

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Heavy Duty
Our slip leashes are made from high quality Mountain Climbing Rope, Str8 Jacket core, with large gauge ranging from 1.2cm to 1.5cm “Fatty” series.

The most reflective leash on the market. No batteries needed, as our leashes reflect area and oncoming light. Get ready to watch them light up.

76″ to 87″ in length, with maximum durability offering a lifetime of use. Bound with real leather. None of that fake rubber or plastic stuff. Two matching 65mm carabiners are included. Perfectly sized to the rope, they can handle 120lbs of pulling.

Convert to Harness
Carabiners don’t only allow you to clip your slip leash to your pet’s collar or harness, but the leash itself can easily be converted to a harness for advanced training.

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