Affiliate Program

Brand Ambassador

Want to join Wooflinen as a Brand Ambassador or Affiliate? No problem! As an affiliate, you simply tell your friends, family and followers about our brand through your favorite social media platforms, website and/or email. Upon approval of your application, you will receive your own unique dashboard, custom links and coupon codes! All our partners start at a 10% commission on all sales generated from your promotions. Our dashboard will provide everything you need to track leads, sales and commission payments due to you.

There are no sign-up fees, contracts or penalties. Besides commissions, select active partners will receive Wooflinen products on a bi-monthly basis. We will never force you to buy a thing.

Ready to join? Then sign up now. Already an affiliate? Then log in to your dashboard. Have more questions? Check out the FAQ below.

They are pretty much the same thing. Website owners typically see themselves as "affiliates", while those with social media channels call themselves "brand ambassadors". Either way, our affiliate dashboard works whether you are an affiliate or a brand ambassador. Not only can you create custom URLs to track your leads, but website owners can also track traffic coming from their registered domains without a custom URL.

When a sale is created by your visitor, a 10% commission will be accounted for in your Wooflinen dashboard. Commissions for each month are paid NET 15.

All commissions for each month are paid NET 15. This means that you will receive payment to your Paypal account within 15 days after the end of the month. A Paypal account is required for receiving payment.

Besides receiving a commission, all Wooflinen partners will be provided with various coupons allowing for up to 15% off purchases for their followers. Coupons are specific per each affiliate partner, and will qualify for commission.

Coupons can also be tracked in the Affiliate Dashboard.

An unlimited number of custom URLs can be created in the Affiliate Dashboard for tracking incoming traffic. These URLs are best for adding links to social media pages and posts.

If you are a website affiliate with your own domain name, custom URLs are not required. All traffic from a stated domain are tracked automatically.

Any approved media assets will be available in the Affiliate Dashboard. If in need of custom sizes or different media assets, feel free to message us directly on social media or by text message. Be sure to mention your Affiliate ID.

We pride ourselves in our "karma-guarantee" customer service. Not only will we properly look after your referrals, but answer and support any questions our partners may have as well.

And, besides offering what we consider the highest quality of product with the best customer support, our brand ambassadors will also be able to pass discounts onto their followers through coupons, custom links, and event landing pages. Even if your follower finds a better deal on our site -- such as a Black Friday sale -- you are still credited for the sale.

We are here to support you, and let us make it clear that there is no question too silly. We can be reached by email, text message and by DM through Facebook or Instagram.