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After spending over a decade launching a number of small businesses, there was always one rule that rang true. After a long, hard day, nothing beats a good night’s sleep. Especially with the help of comfy bedding. The proper sheeting treats you to a flawless sleep so, that when you wake up the next day, you are fully refreshed and ready for another go. Getting comfortable bedding may however be challenging from time to time. There are just too many options, “polyfabrics” and blends. It’s hard to know what is what. And does a higher threadcount always matter? Ummm, no.

In as much as my background is not rooted in textiles, this does not mean that I do not know comfortable bedding and what it means to have a better sleep. After months of R&D, I have discovered exactly what I’d want in regards to comfort, durability and look. And am now in the perfect position of delivering just that.

Using research and development, with a dash of trial and error, I not only identified numerous issues with today’s bedding, but developed what I feel to be the perfect solution to them. Henceforth creating a product that provides super quality, modern and amazingly comfortable bedding. Plain and simple.

But if comfortable bedding was my only mission, it would be hard to separate WoofLinen from a collection of other bedding suppliers out there. During the  R&D phase, I have worked to highly prioritize the preservation of the ecosystem and will do everything within my power to ensure that appropriate conservation measures are observed. It is exactly due to this that the focus of WoofLinen is on renewable resources such as Bamboo and Linen. We use renewable resources such as these in the production of our bedding. All to ensure that we are keeping an eye out for the environment.

Even our buttons come from a renewable source.

Every time a new company was launched, I’ve always imagined an end game. That said business would earn enough to allow the chance to focus on another issue that strikes an emotional chord. Dogs. Not just any dogs. But dogs in need of help, adoption or a foster. Nothing would have made me happier than to own a rescue, opening the door to dogs in need of not only love, but a good home.


Simple. Modern. And, most importantly, comfortable bedding.


Renewable, environmental friendly fabrics direct from the manufacturer.


Pass the savings onto our customers. With enough to spare for man’s best friend.

This point strikes especially close to home not just for myself, but others at WoofLinen. Raised in a family that couldn’t help but rescue – and eventually keep – animals in need, it seemed that our household had an open door policy for strays. This kind of upbringing would carry into what the company mission is today. As the owner of WoofLinen, once in the position to own a pet, I found myself with not one foster in need, but two. But that’s a longer story. In the end, the story is a happy one. I now own three rescue dogs, two of which are Pit Bulls and one a Lab/German Shepherd Mix. They. Are. My Furry Babies.

And, while my dream of running a rescue might not come to fruition, WoofLinen provides the next best thing.

As a company, we take it upon ourselves to support the rescue of dogs through funding, donation of supplies and volunteering. A portion of the sale from our bedding products is used in part to fund foster networks and various other organizations that support finding homes for dogs in need. We also work on a more personal level, in order to further provide support for dogs in need.

Though helping out is always a good thing, I also understand the economics of our customers. At WoofLinen, we made sure “affordability” was listed as another priority during research and development. If there was a way to help customers get the right bedding without denting their wallets, while also supporting animals in need, I couldn’t help but call this a win-win.

And now, given the fact that WoofLinen products are tried, tested, and direct from the factory, we can also cut our clients in on some incredibly fair pricing.

We fully understand the fact that a majority of people tend to love unique products. Throughout our R&D process we came to the conclusion that, if we love it, you will love it. Providing something different is an important aspect of WoofLinen. Our products come in a wide range of manufacturing solutions, all to help ensure customers get exactly what they seek right when they need it.

Our range of bedding products is made using the finest quality materials and expertise. Our goal is to offer bedding with heart. And, to make sure you sleep soundly, we guarantee comfort, beauty and durability. While we design our beddings to be offer something fresh and new, we make an effort to also keep them both modern and simple. By doing so, we keep our prices low, and our ability to make an animal’s day all that much brighter.

P.S. Don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten about other animal friends… More to come 😉





A Dream

Having adopted a number of dogs, to some day find a way to help dogs in need and show owners the joys of helping out or adopting over buying.



Find a product that people not only need, but can benefit from if provided something superior than what they’ve had before. Use said revenue to fulfill our dream.



Create simplified and modern sheeting designs. Provide designs to a number of manufacturers to test which designs work, and discover who can provide the best product.


Sample Testing

All designs go through a number of versions, to discover what can represent the proper combination of comfort, cost and durability.


Take the Dogs on a Walk

Just because we are using a majority of our time working with manufacturers to discover the best product for our customers, it doesn’t mean we can forget about the needs of our canine friends.


Finalized Product

To ensure the best pricing for our customers, we limit our fabrics strictly to those that can pass our testing standards. If we discover a better fabric, stitching or style, we will update our stock on hand or offer these additional options to our clients.