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Sourced from the environmentally friendly and renewable bamboo, grown in China, the woven viscose results in incredible comfort. If you ever imagined Egyptian Cotton and Silk having a baby, this would be it.

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The Bully Collection 100% Bamboo

Comfortable Climate Management

Our 100% Bamboo Viscose is insanely breathable. The fabric works to keep you cool during the warm nights, but won’t leave you out in the cold either.


Bamboo Viscose has a sateen-like look that relaxes with each washing. The weave allows the sheets to pick up colors from the surrounding room. Your bed will look crazy comfortable, which of course it will be.

The Extras

Want a fitted sheet that marks the corner? Done. Internal duvet straps in the duvet cover? Of course. Duvet cover buttons that can be both external or internal? Why not.

The Bully Collection 100% Bamboo
Charcoal/Chalk Flipped

Flip Your Style

Enjoy some of the advantages of this two-tone collection.

Invite Your Friends

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 5 x 12 in

100% French Linen